Backpedal Official Trailer

Backpedal Official Trailer 2

Excited to announce we are starting work on the feature length documentary BACKPEDAL. Backpedal is an urban documentary illuminating the struggles pedestrians, bike and skateboard commuters in Charleston, SC experience on a daily basis.

For four years in a row, Charleston SC was voted the number one city to visit by Conde Nast Traveler. But what if you live here; is Charleston really the number one city?

One of the hottest topics in Charleston, SC right now is traffic. The city is rapidly growing, creating infrastructure difficulties in accommodating the population increase. For the last century we as a people have focused on the automobile as the primary means of transportation. What if you could go the same distance in less time, and not have to worry about finding a parking space when you get there?

Alternative forms of transportation, such as biking, walking, or skateboarding, are becoming more and more popular in dense urban areas where cars struggle with gridlock on a daily basis. But every time you get on a bike you run the risk of getting hurt or killed by a frustrated driver.

This documentary includes exclusive interviews with national experts on transportation and city infrastructure, and explores the obstacles at hand in a world obsessed with driving.

Will our insistence on building more infrastructure for automobiles leave us all backpedaling in the end?